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Auto Insurance

For every car owner, it is essential to have auto insurance. Most state laws require car owners to carry at least a minimum level of auto insurance coverage. Auto insurance is a type of financial protection to cover possible damages, losses, or injuries against losses incurred as a result of traffic accidents and liability.

Auto Insurance

What’s in your garage? You might be practical when you choose cars — a versatile hatchback or minivan is just the thing. Perhaps you prefer the rugged image of an SUV, or like to reward yourself with a convertible or luxury sedan. Maybe you're a car collector and also have a classic muscle car or vintage sports car for weekend cruising. Whatever you drive, you know you need insurance for your car and assets. And Farmers has coverage options that enable you to get the auto insurance policy you want.

Motorcycle Insurance

How do you enjoy your motorcycle? You might be a weekend warrior who cruises up the coast on sunny afternoons. Maybe you use your bike to navigate a traffic-clogged commute. Or you may take it on long journeys — experiencing the open road and an ever-changing landscape. However and wherever you ride, you know a motorcycle has unique risks. We understand — and can show you customizable coverage options that help with risks

Boat & Watercraft Insurance

What’s your nautical style? You might spend summer afternoons in search of that big bass in your new fishing boat. Perhaps you have the perfect pontoon boat for a relaxed cruise around the lake on the weekends. Maybe your sailboat takes you on solitary journeys wherever the wind takes you. Boats and personal watercraft are big purchases, but if you love being on the water, you know they’re worth it. With industry-leading features, We can help and provide information on discounts as you customize your coverage.

Collector Car Insurance

Does your love of cars border on obsession? Perhaps you own a piece of automotive history — a perfectly preserved 1930s dual-cowl phaeton or 1960s roadster. Maybe you spend weekends cruising the boulevard in your classic custom or hot rod. Or your taste might run to exotic sport cars. Whatever your automotive passion, you can protect your collectible vehicle — and your investment in it. Contact us as you choose the coverage you want for a car that isn’t easily replaced.

Motor Home Insurance

There’s a motor home for just about any taste and budget. You might have something basic — just enough to add a few amenities to your camping trips. Perhaps you retired, sold the house and travel full-time in a luxuriously outfitted 40-foot RV. Maybe you split the difference with a Class C motor home you can easily store in your driveway. Any motor home is a significant purchase — and, while it might seem like a house on wheels, that doesn’t mean your home or auto insurance policy provide the coverage you want. We can tell you about insurance designed for your RV.

Fifth Wheel Insurance

A fifth wheel lets you balance your vacation priorities. You might like the space of a large RV, for instance, but also the ability to unhitch your pickup for local errands. Or maybe you want all the amenities of home — and an easy way to transport dirt bikes to your vacation spot.Owning a fifth wheel isn’t just about getaways — it’s a big purchase. If you own one, consider getting specialized insurance. And We can provide you with information so you can get the coverage you want.

Recreational Vehicle Insurance

If your family enjoys the great outdoors, we’ll bet favorite activities include recreational vehicles. Maybe you spend summers waterskiing at the lake. You may enjoy exploring the backcountry on ATVs or snowmobiles. Or you might consider an RV the perfect way to travel — experiencing new places but still getting to spend every night in your own bed. Farmers understands your active lifestyle — and your desire to help protect the vehicles that go with it. An agent can help with knowledgeable insights as you choose the coverage you want for these vehicles.

ATV & Off-Road Vehicle Insurance

Most off-road vehicles are built for adventure — whether you’re enjoying the trail on a snowmobile or hitting the apex on your dirt bike. But some “off-road” activities are a little more relaxed. Your golf cart, for instance, may never exceed 15 miles per hour. Whatever your off-road style, We offers specialized insurance for your vehicle. Covered vehicles include Snowmobiles, Dirt bikes, Dune buggies, Golf carts, 3-wheel, 4-wheel and 6-wheel ATVs

Travel Trailer Insurance

What’s your favorite destination when you hitch a travel trailer to your SUV? You may enjoy camping in the mountains or relaxing by the ocean. Maybe you stop anywhere that catches your interest. You might even use your travel trailer as a seasonal or permanent home.